The Trio: John Whitehead, John Haer, Ross Johnson

Blue Yodel No. 9

Bluegrass, Blues, Traditional and Originals... 
All American-made!
Check the Calendar for upcoming shows with BYN9 or bits/pieces of our rig!...

Roaming the stages, clubs, taprooms and festivals of the Upper Midwest, we're Blue Yodel No. 9.  Bluegrass, blues, roots, many original songs, and clever crowd-pleasing covers come out of our guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles, harmonicas, bass and harmonizing voices. Welcome in, have a look around, and come catch us! 

The band name ain't easy to spell. No it's not! It COULD BE Blue Yodel NO. 9, Blue Yodel no. 9, Blue Yodel No 9, Blue Yodel #9, Blue Yodel Number 9, Blue Yodel NO. 9 Band, Blue Yodel no. 9 Band, Blue Yodel No 9 Band, Blue Yodel #9 Band, Blue Yodel Number 9 Band,and others we may not of thought of yet. THIS is a shameless attemptto make us more searchable. Our next band name will be highly unique but for now, we ARE Blue Yodel No. 9!!!